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A letter from an alumnus about PU's last drop kicker

April 2, 2002

The Princeton Club of Southwest Florida members are annually invited by the local Yale Club to attend a March luncheon for our current congressman, Porter Goss (Yale). Recently, my wife and I attended the 2002 luncheon.

As might be expected most of the persons at our table were from the Yale Club. During the conversation I mentioned something about Albie Booth, a Yale quarterback in the early 1930s, and a Princeton nemesis. As I remember, in addition to his other talents, Albie Booth drop-kicked the field goals and points after touchdown for his alma mater.

This leads me to ask, Who was the last drop-kicker in collegiate football? I believe at Princeton the last such kicker was Stan Pearson ’41, who, incidentally, was also a fine squash player. Perhaps one of PAW's readers knows the answer to the question.

Charles Hewitt, Jr. ’40
Naples, Fla.

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