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Aetters from a reader about Freshman seminars

February 8, 2002

As a person with a long history of more than 10 close relatives or relatives by marriage, and many friends with Princeton connections, I must say I have been enjoying the articles in recent issues of PAW. It is rewarding read about the exciting innovations now occurring at the university. I was especially interested in the January 30 issue with the article titled "Welcome to Princeton." What a wonderful introduction for incoming freshmen to have seminars taught by some of the finest minds and teachers in the university! How fortunate they are!

Mrs. John B. Purnell w’39 d’16
Prescott, Ariz.

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February 1, 2002

I very much enjoyed reading "Welcome to Princeton," about the university's freshman seminar program. It prompted me to remember the seminar I took during the spring of my freshman year, on the "Idea of the Book from Antiquity to the Middle Ages," with Professor Seth Lerer (now at Stanford). That spring was the most intellectually exciting time I had ever had, and the freshman seminar was the anchor that held it all together. What I recall most vividly about that course was when we students took a collective look at the syllabus, recognized a gap, and asked Professor Lerer to organize an extra class meeting on the missing topic (Egyptian hieroglyphics, I think), which he promptly did. Now that I teach at the college level myself, I am able to recognize how extraordinary that moment was--I would gladly organize an extra session for any group of students who rose up and demanded more learning!

Amanda Seligman ’91
Milwaukee Wis.

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