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A letter from a student seeking funds for charity

January 22, 2002

I’m participating in the Hopkins 4-K for Cancer. In this case, 4-K = 4,000 miles between Baltimore and San Francisco. Our goal is to bicycle those 4,000 miles at a rate of 70-110 miles a day, reach San Francisco after two months, and, upon crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, hand the American Cancer Society a check for $50,000. Thirty cyclists are taking the trip, most undergraduates, some graduate students (like myself), and even a few faculty members. Along the way we’ll be stopping to perform various American Cancer Society volunteer activities, and we’ll sleep in donated space (churches, gyms, etc.) I personally need to raise $2,500 in the next month or two. I hope to receive donations (tax-deductible, of course) of either money or goods useful for the trip (bicycles, accessories, sunglasses, medical supplies, a van, clothing, helmets, Power Bars, etc.), and I’m hoping alumni want to contribute.

Please contact me at 410-366-0620 or e-mail me at ajruben@alumni.princeton.edu.

Adam Ruben ’01
Princeton University

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