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A letter about the lacrosse team at Princeton

July 21, 2001

Officiating a lacrosse game is a tough job, because there is so much to watch for. As a result incidental violations such as crease invasions, thumbing, and warding off are frequently overlooked. I have talked to officials who claim they can barely see the crease and would be very reluctant to call warding off. Hardly any of them call thumbing. Be this as it may, in the epic Princeton-Syracuse game for the national title, there appeared to be at least two crease violations resulting in Syracuse goals. In particular, the tying goal that sent the game into overtime was one of them; other fans and offficials seem to agree on this. In any case, all's well that ends well with a little extra drama, since Princeton won with one of coach Tierney's specialties – overtime.

William W. Stevenson ’50
Charlottesville, Va.

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