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A letter from an alumnus about Jane Martin and PAW

April 18, 2002

It is my fervent hope that your successor will be a perfect clone of you. I can think of no better way to express to you the accolades that you deserve for your marvelous stewardship as editor of the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

You should know that, when you were first appointed, I had great misgivings. You were very young and I figured that you would not have the perspective that would enable you to be responsive to all Princeton grads. You were also a woman whom I thought might not know how to relate to older grads who had attended in an all-male environment. In short, I thought that the Weekly would be uninteresting — and when you started out by putting the 150-word limit on the memorials, I knew you were a loser.

It became obvious very quickly that you were going to change the appearance of our magazine, and I thought that such a change might be all that we could expect. However, the best was yet to come! Your genius at developing interesting ideas for feature articles has made me read almost every word in each issue.

I am sure that you must have caught some heat for your "Fat Cats" article, but it was extremely well done, and the money mangers certainly deserve recognition for their marvelous performance. The most touching part of your tenure was your presentation on our fellow Princetonians who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. You have done a fantastic job!

Selfishly, I am sorry that you have need to go, but you deserve our thanks and I wish you Godspeed in your future endeavors.

J. Kenneth Looloian '43
Mountainside, N.J.

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April 10, 2002

I was sorry to read in last month's PAW about the impending departure of our "new" editor, Jane Chapman Martin '89. This advertisement for Ms. Martin's replacement confirms the news and spurs me to write. Though I've never met her, I'd like to express heartfelt thanks for the quick and effective job she has done in completely turning around what was frankly a pretty dull publication, and wish her well in her future endeavors. I'm sure many alums will join me in this sentiment.

Everything about PAW is better than it was before Ms. Martin took over. From the stories to the page layouts to the fonts and graphics, the magazine is now much more vital and informative, and conveys much more of the intellectual excitement and spirit of Princeton.

Jane, your successor has a hard act to follow, and I hope the selection process is successful. Thanks for a job well done.

Jim Kuzmick '69
Great Falls, Va.

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February 4, 2002

I read with dismay the news that you are stepping down as editor of the PAW. I am writing to thank you for your thoughtful stewardship of the magazine and to tell you how much I have enjoyed your efforts, especially your writing.

I must admit that for many years I read only the class notes (and glanced at the obituaries) in the PAW. After you took over as editor, my reading habits changed. I would first turn to your "From the Editor" column to get a general sense of the theme of the issue. Your column provided a graceful overview of each issue and rewarded its readers with a delightful surprise at the end. You are an elegant writer with an impeccable sense of timing and ability to turn a phrase. I even showed your columns to my wife, who is not a Princeton alum. Is that not the ultimate compliment? I also noticed that, once I read your column, I was more inclined to delve into the rest of the magazine. In short, your efforts changed my approach to the PAW which I had stubbornly maintained for more than 20 years.

Thanks again for your efforts. Best wishes in your future endeavors. I hope they involve writing (and editing).

Thomas R. Lotterman ’77
Washington, D.C.

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