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More letters from alumni about Nike Swoosh and Princeton

Two letters in the May 16 PAW cite smarmy behavior on the university's part in regard to paid endorsements. I, too, was disappointed to find that P.U. apparently sold my name to a junk mailer in support of another of those ubiquitous letters promoting superfluous credit cards. This solicitation comes with "Princeton University" showing on the front and back of the envelope. What a class act!

I suggest that everyone who gets this do what I did - stuff all of the mailing into the return envelope (including any other random junk at hand) and send it back so the credit card company has to pay the postage.

Don Tocher '59

Sunapee, N.H.

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Nix on Nike

I hope I am overreacting in my disappointment in seeing the threshold that seems to have been crossed on the back cover of the March 21 issue (a U-Store ad for Princeton hats, sweats, and T-shirts featuring the Nike 'swoosh'). We are used to, but often repulsed by, the pervasive branding and advertising that permeates the interstices of our lives, but surely Princeton's name is not so readily for sale.

Max Morrow '65
Windsor, Conn.

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The Princeton name and the Nike logo should not appear together on officially sanctioned clothing. Can't the university receive, solicit, or beg the athletic money from elsewhere? Does Princeton need to share profits from work houses in Asia? This Princeton alumnus is not pleased.

Arthur S. Keyes '68 k'39 p'94 p'02.
Woodside, Calif.

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Just how fat is the endowment lately, given the Wall Street swoon?

And what's the deal between the U-Store and Nike? The ad on the back of the latest PAW features sweatshirts and T-shirts and hats, etc., with nifty little swooshes along side Princeton logos. Are they selling out or what? Can we look forward to the new football field sporting a megaswoosh?

Edward Walworth '66
Lewiston, Maine

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