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Rufus Smith '29 tribute

Your February 7 issue contains several enthusiastic responses to the very notable war stories from the Class of 1942 in World War II published in the December 6, 2000 issue.

All this reminds me of how true it is that as time goes on we gather more and more regard for those who were with us or who led us through those dangerous events.

I must say a word for my commanding officer in the Coast Guard, who maintained our patrol against Nazi U-boats. This was Rufus Gaylord Smith '29.

Bud Smith kept us going, he kept our vessels in repair, he was a firm but very kind commanding officer. I believe that it was somehow due to Bud Smith's spirit that our patrol squadron, operating off Block Island and Montauk, had no losses. Bud Smith died in 1989.

Ray Mount '41
Branford, Conn.

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