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Oct. 2, 2001

There was one startling sentence in the article on Princeton's new leaders in the New Jersey section of Sunday's New York Times (September 30, 2001) — startling to me, at any rate. It said that Princeton now had "a growing tier of faculty e1ite who do not teach."

This used not to be the case. In my years as a student, both undergraduate and graduate, and as a faculty member, all faculty members taught. There were some few whose teaching was almost entirely at the graduate level, like the late great Jacob Viner, whose lunchtime conversation was an education in itself. But everybody taught, and it was the administration's policy that everybody teach. Has the policy in fact changed, and if so, when, and under what circumstances?

Can the Weekly provide a list of these privileged folk? I, for one, would be most interested to see it.

Maurice Lee, Jr. ’46 *50
Cranbury, N.J.

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