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Joel Achenbach '82, staff writer, The Washington Post; panel moderator

Jim Kelly '76, managing editor, Time Inc.

Kathy Kiely '77, reporter, USA Today

Todd Purdum '82, national editor, Vanity Fair

Juliet Eilperin '92, staff writer, The Washington Post

Rick Klein '98, senior political reporter, ABC News

Andrew Romano '04, associate editor, Newsweek

July 16, 2008:

Inside the 2008 presidential campaign

Video clips by the student Video Production Agency

Alumni journalists provided a firsthand look at the campaigns of the presidential candidates and what it's like to cover them during PAW-litics 101, a Reunions panel hosted by PAW May 30.  The wide-ranging session ranged from Republican Sen. John McCain's health and vigor to challenges faced by Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's campaign to whether Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton had been covered fairly by the media.

For video highlights of the discussion, click on the following links:

What the campaigns tell you about the candidates.
Small file (email quality), 744KB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 4.6MB .mov file

The big question facing Sen. Barack Obama.
Small file (email quality), 1.4MB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 8.9MB .mov file

Views of Sen. John McCain's age and physical condition.
Small file (email quality), 1.9MB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 11.6MB .mov file

Why do we hear so much about the candidates' gaffes?
Small file (email quality), 1.6MB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 9.9MB .mov file

How conservative is John McCain?
Small file (email quality), 1.3MB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 8MB .mov file

Was media coverage fair to Hillary Clinton's campaign?
Small file (email quality), 892KB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 5.5MB .mov

Sizing up possible vice presidential candidates.
Small file (email quality), 1.1MB .mov file
Medium file (better quality), 6.8MB .mov file

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