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Environmental Humanities at Princeton

Environmental Humanities
Advancing research and teaching at the intersection of the environment and humanities.

Grand Challenges Program
Tackling some of the most complex environmental issues of the 21st century.

PEI Faculty Seminar Series
Communicating cutting-edge discoveries in environmental research.

Five Princeton Students Awarded Walbridge Fund Graduate Award
This year’s recipients include: Cara Brook, Victor Charpentier, Jennifer Kasbohm, Anna Trugman, and Yuzhen Yan.
Seven Princeton Students Receive Hack Graduate Award
Each year the Hack Award provides research funding to support Princeton graduate students in research from a wide range of disciplines.
UN High-Level Meeting on Antimicrobials—What Do We Need?
Laxminarayan comments that sustainable access to effective antimicrobials is a prerequisite for achieving several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Household Fuels Exceed Power Plants and Cars as Source of Smog in Beijing
New research by Denise Mauzerall and colleagues indicates China could improve air quality by reducing residential emissions.