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Environmental Humanities at Princeton

Environmental Humanities
Advancing research and teaching at the intersection of the environment and humanities.

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges Program
Tackling some of the most complex environmental issues of the 21st century.


Working collaboratively on research, education, and civic engagement.

With Climate Change, Heat More Than Natural Disasters Will Drive People Away
Although scenes of people fleeing from dramatic displays of Mother Nature’s power dominate the news, gradual increases in an area’s overall temperature actually lead more often to permanent population shifts.
Familiar Yet Strange: Water's 'Split Personality' Revealed by Computer Model
Princeton University researchers found that as water freezes it takes on a sort of split personality wherein, at very cold temperatures and above a certain pressure, it may split into two liquid forms.
Lane Engages the Ancients with an Eye Toward the Future
Melissa Lane, an internationally recognized scholar of ancient political theory, turns to the ancients for insights into modern issues, such as ecological sustainability.
Denise Mauzerall: Clearing the Air
Princeton Alumni Weekly interviews Mauzerall about health impacts of air pollution and climate change and what to do about them.