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Environmental Humanities at Princeton

Environmental Humanities
Advancing research and teaching at the intersection of the environment and humanities.

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges Program
Tackling some of the most complex environmental issues of the 21st century.


Working collaboratively on research, education, and civic engagement.

FACULTY HONOR: Bassler Receives EMD Millipore Alice C. Evans Award for Advancement of Women in Microbiology
Bonnie Bassler, the Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology, has received the EMD Millipore Alice C. Evans Award for her contributions to the advancement of women in microbiology.
Water, Water - Not Everywhere: Mapping Water Trends for African Maize
Princeton researchers supported  by the Grand Challenges Program have found, overall, water availability has increased in African maize-growing regions, with exceptions in parts of East Africa.
FACULTY HONOR: Levin Elected as a Foreign Member of the Instituto Lombardo
Simon Levin, the George M. Moffett Professor of Biology at Princeton University, was elected a foreign member of the Lombard Institute Academy of Science and Letters.
With Climate Change, Heat More Than Natural Disasters Will Drive People Away
Although scenes of people fleeing from dramatic displays of Mother Nature’s power dominate the news, gradual increases in an area’s overall temperature actually lead more often to permanent population shifts.