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Eileen Zerba

  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
PEI Position: Faculty/Associated Faculty
Title(s): Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Climate Science and Modeling
  • Environmental - Biology
  • Sustainability - Princeton
  • Water
Office: M172 Guyot Hall
Phone: 609-258-3698
Eileen Zerba

Research Interests

Environmental biophysics and physiology; animal responses to climate change, effects of temperature on energy balance, locomotion and muscle function; Green roof technology; Sustainability on Princeton campus.

PEI Research/Program Affiliation

  • Director of PEI Undergraduate ENV Lab Program


  • FRS 175: Signals, Yardsticks, and Tipping Points of Global Warming
  • ENV 340: Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Solutions

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