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Mario Gandelsonas

  • Architecture
  • Latin American Studies
  • Princeton Environmental Institute
Position: PEI Faculty/Associated Faculty
Title(s): Class of 1913 Lecturer in Architecture. Professor of Architecture
  • Environmental - Humanities
  • Environmental - Mitigation
  • Environmental - Policy
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Grand Challenges
  • Grand Challenges - Climate & Energy
  • Sustainability - Global Development
  • Sustainability - Urban Design
  • Water
Office: S115B Architecture Building
Phone: 609-258-8221
Mario Gandelsonas

PEI Research/Program Affiliations

  • Grand Challenges Faculty 

Research Interests

Urbanism and semiotics; urban architecture; residential, institutional and urban design; urban infrastructure.


ARC 492, New Jersey: the X-urban state, Introduction to the formal analysis of the urban text

ARC 404, Urban senior joint studio Princeton University – University of Sao Paulo