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Energy Systems Analysis Group

The Energy Systems Analysis Group, Princeton Environmental Institute


Engineering and policy analysis for long-term solutions to major environmental and other societal problems associated with energy production and use.


The Energy Systems Analysis Group (ESAG), a research unit at Princeton University since 1971, became part of the Princeton Environmental Institute in July 2001. It was formerly part of the Center for Energy & Environmental Studies (CEES).

Research activities focus on identifying technologies and technology strategies and policies that could facilitate solutions for the long term of major energy-related societal problems—including global climate change, urban air pollution, energy-import dependence, the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation, and poverty in developing countries.

Members of ESAG advise dissertation research of graduate students in diverse departments at Princeton, including those in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Public and International Affairs. ESAG welcomes participation in its research and training by interested faculty and students.