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Core Members

Thomas G. Kreutz, Senior Technical Staff Member


Kreutz’s interests are in modeling advanced energy conversion systems, in particular: production of hydrogen, electricity, and CO2 (for sequestration) from coal, residential scale, natural gas-fired PEM fuel cell cogeneration, fuel cell hybrid vehicles: power system design and vehicle performance modeling, reforming liquid fuels to hydrogen for mobile and stationary power applications, gasification of biomass and black liquor for combined cycle generation of electric power, and fuel cells, gas turbines, and hybrid/combined cycles for electric power generation.

Eric Larson

Eric D. Larson, Senior Research Engineer


Larson is interested in engineering and economic systems modeling of advanced clean-energy technologies and processes for carbonaceous fuels (biomass, coal, natural gas), especially for addressing energy-related problems in developing countries. His specific technology interests include gas turbines for power generation, gasification of solid fuels, synthesis of various clean fluid fuels, and fuel cells for transportation. He is collaborating with Chinese colleagues on analysis of syngas-based energy technologies and strategies for low pollution and low greenhouse gas emission energy futures for China.


Robert H. Williams, Senior Research Scientist


Williams’s energy technology interests include fuel cells for transportation and stationary power applications, advanced gas turbine technologies for power generation, advanced technologies for producing hydrogen and other clean synthetic fuels from carbonaceous feedstocks, fuels decarbonization and CO2 sequestration, various renewable energy), and nuclear energy (mainly proliferation and economic aspects).