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The Environmental Humanities in a Changing World


Friday, March 8 (9-5pm)

8:30 Coffee
9:00 Steve Pacala
  T. A. Barron
  Ken Hiltner
9:45 Edward Burtynsky "Vital Liquids: Oil and Water - A Visual Study"
  Short break
11:00 Joni Adamson "A Keyword for Environmental Studies: Imagination"
12:00 Dale Jamieson "Does Environmental Ethics Have a Future?"
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Kimberly Ruffin “Beauty and Burden: A Black Eco-Citizenship Remix”
3:00 Mary Evelyn Tucker & John Grim "Religion, Ecology, and Cosmology: Integrating Stories"
  Short break
4:15 Rob Socolow "The Environmental Humanities: A Perspective from the Environmental Sciences"

Saturday, March 9 (9-5pm)

8:30 Coffee
9:00 Lars Hedin
9:15 Paul Muldoon "Howth Castle and Environs: A View from Ireland."
  Short break
10:30 Karen Thornber, "Ecoambiguity: Asia and the Environmental Humanities"
11:30 Steve Cosson & Michael Friedman, "The Next Forever"
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars
1:45 David Schlosberg "The Expanding Sphere of Environmental Justice Discourse"
2:45 Bernie Krause "The Great Animal Orchestra"
  Short break
4:00 Roundtable of Barron Visitors
4:30 Paul Muldoon's band, Wayside Shrines, plays