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Geoengineering to Mitigate Climate Change: An Urgent Problem Meets a Bad Concept, Dale Jamieson

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Ira W. DeCamp Bioethics Seminars -- Speaker: Dale Jamieson, New York University. Co-sponsored by University Center for Human Values and the Siebel Energy Grand Challenge. Discussions of the problem of climate change are plagued by both unclarity and disagreement about what the problem actually is and what counts as possible solutions.  For the past several decades participants in the debate have demanded conformity to a particular language that contributes to obscuring the issues (one that (for example) uses 'mitigate' to mean what 'abate' normally means in discussions of environmental pollution).  In the nearly two decades since the Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed, little has been done to mitigate emissions.  Since the induction is so depressing, it is not surprising that increasing attention is being given to various strategies that might help to compensate for this failure.  Many of these strategies are clumped together under the rubric,'geoengineering'. Since geoengineering is often regarded as a distinct class of responses to climate change, a search is currently underway for the special policies and norms that apply to it.

Location: McCormick Hall 101

Date/Time: 11/16/10 at 4:30 pm - 11/16/10 at 6:00 pm

Category: Sponsored & Affiliated Events

Department: Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI)