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Keynote Lecture: The Future of the Corporation, Speaker Paul Polak

The Future of the Corporation: Why Radically Affordable Technologies and Decentralized Business Models will Dominate the Business Landscape of the Future, Speaker: Paul Polak, founder of International Development Enterprises and author of Out of Poverty -- A keynote talk discussing the future of poverty alleviation and the role that highly profitable multinational businesses will play in addressing this global challenge.  Dr. Paul Polak will talk about how aligning incentives, so that everyone along the business chain benefits, is the way to reach impact at scales of not just millions but hundreds of millions of people.

Location: Whig Hall

Date/Time: 11/21/11 at 4:30 pm - 11/21/11 at 5:30 pm

This lecture is co-sponsored by: The Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, The American Whig Cliosophic Society, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, and PEI/Grand Challenges.

About The Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (PSEI): PSEI's vision is to catalyze a movement of Princetonians who are effective agents of social change through action-oriented entrepreneurial thinking.  We aim to get students thinking about global problems as global opportunities; to educate, empower, and equip a new wave of social entrepreneurs; and to create a strong network of globally-minded leaders who will drive social innovation to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Category: Sponsored & Affiliated Events

Department: Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI)