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Ozlem Bilgir, Electrical Engineering


Ozlem’s research focuses on decreasing the energy consumption and the carbon footprint of Data Centers. Data Centers’ energy consumption was around 60billion kWh in 2006 and this amount will be doubled between 2006 and 2011. Moreover, data centers cause even more carbon emissions than some countries. By using the resources efficiently, the energy consumption and the carbon emission can be reduced. Currently, Ozlem is working on the Chip Multiprocessor (CMP) technologies and exploring alternative ways to manage the cores in a way to contribute to the reduction in the energy consumption.

Publication List

K. Le, O. Bilgir, R. Bianchini, M. Martonosi, and T. D. Nguyen. "Capping the Brown Energy Consumption of Internet Services at Low Cost" Proceedings of the International Green Computing Conference (IGCC), August 2010.