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Caroline Farrior, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Modeling the pattern of plant distributions has proven to be a critical component in climate models.  Plants species are constrained by physical limits such as cold and drought tolerance as well as competition from other species.  Treating both types of mechanisms appropriately has been difficult to do while maintaining tractability for efficient use in climate models.  Caroline is working on extending a new model of plant competition developed in the Pacala lab.  This model has produced an accurate and tractable model of plant competition.  

Caroline is currently extending and analyzing this model to understand the distribution of dominant plant strategies under the global range of climatic conditions (i.e. the biome distributions).

Posters and Conference Presentations

Farrior, C.E.  Understanding novel ecosystems through experimentation. ESA Workshop 12: Novel Ecosystems. 3 August 2008.

Farrior, C.E., and D. Tilman.  Regulation of local diversity via diversity dependent species loss and gain. ESA/SER Joint Meeting Poster Session 22. 7 August 2007.

Farrior, C.E., R. Dybzinski, and S. Pacala.  Forest modeling to predict dominant plant strategies in various environments. Balzan Symposium, Princeton University. 5 September 2008.