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Nicholas Lefevre, Woodrow Wilson School


Nicolas' research interest was the politics of technological change in the scope of climate change mitigation. In particular, he was interested in political resistance resulting from foreseen economic hardships at the industry level. His research focuses on how such resistance can be assessed, predicted and integrated into more conventional economic models of climate change mitigation.

Relevant Publications

Energy Security and Climate Policy: Assessing Interactions, IEA/OECD, Paris - [author], 2007

Fourth Assessment Report – Working Group III report "Mitigation of Climate Change," IPCC, Geneva - [contributing author, 'Introduction' chapter], 2007

Barriers to Technology Diffusion: the Case of Compact Fluorescent Lamps, OECD/IEA Information Paper, IEA/OECD Paris - [co-author], 2006

Deploying Climate Friendly Technologies through Collaboration with Developing Countries, IEA Information Paper, IEA, Paris - [author], 2005

Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Turkey 2005 Review, IEA/OECD, Paris - [author, 'Energy and Environment' chapter], 2005

Report on the in-depth review of the third national communication of Denmark, UNFCCC, Bonn - [author, 'Policies and Measures' chapter], 2004

Energy Security and Climate Change Policy Interactions: An Assessment Framework, IEA Information Paper, IEA/OECD, Paris- [co-author], 2004

Dealing with Climate Change: Policies and Measures in IEA Countries - 2002 edition, IEA/OECD, Paris - [author] 2002