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Lynn Loo

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Research in the Loo laboratory is in the area of materials chemistry and physics of complex, soft materials. Specifically, Loo and colleagues are interested in electrically-active polymeric and molecular materials. They hope to elucidate the fundamental processing-structure-property relationships that govern these materials to generate design rules and guidelines for the rational synthesis of materials with tailored properties and the development of innovative processing and patterning technologies for the realization of low-cost, light weight, mechanically flexible thin-film devices, such as organic transistors and solar cells.

Currently, members of the Loo group are examining how specific processing conditions affect the structure evolution of organic and polymer materials, and how structure development can in turn impact applications-relevant macroscopic electrical and physical properties. Work is being carried out on functional block copolymers, solution-processable organic and polymeric conductors and semiconductors, as well as conjugated self-assembled monolayers.

Relevant Publications

Device Characteristics of Bulk-Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells are Independent of Interfacial Segregation of Active Layers
Chemistry of Materials, 23, 2020, 2011.
H. Wang, E.D. Gomez, J.B. Kim, Z. Guan, C. Jaye, D.A. Fischer, A. Kahn, Y.-L. Loo

Correlating the Scattered Intensities of P3HT and PCBM to the Current Densities of Polymer Solar Cells
Chemical Communications, 47, 436, 2011.
E.D. Gomez, K.P. Barteau, H. Wang, M.F. Toney, Y.-L. Loo

Reversible Soft-Contact Lamination and Delamination for Non-Invasive Fabrication and Characterization of Bulk-Heterojunction and Bilayer Organic Solar Cells
Chemistry of Materials, 22, 4931, 2010.
J.B. Kim, S. Lee, M.F. Toney, Z. Chen, A. Facchetti, Y.S. Kim, Y.-L. Loo

Directly Patternable, Highly Conducting Polymers for Broad Applications in Organic Electronics
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107, 5712, 2010.
J.E. Yoo, K.S. Lee, A. Garcia, J. Tarver, E.D. Gomez, K. Baldwin, Y. Sun, H. Meng, T.-Q. Nguyen, Y.-L. Loo

Controlling Nucleation and Crystallization in Solution-Processed Organic Semiconductors for Thin-Film Transistors
Advanced Materials, 21, 3605, 2009.
S. Lee, C.S. Kim, E.D. Gomez, B. Purushothaman, M.F. Toney, C. Wang, A. Hexemer, J.E. Anthony, Y.-L. Loo