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Elie Bou-Zeid

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Combining numerical, experimental, and analytical tools, Bou-Zeid and colleagues study the basic dynamics of flow and transport in environmental systems, with a focus on how these dynamics relate to problems in energy, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, and air quality. The current research interests of the Bou-Zeid group center on measurements and simulations of thermal exchanges between buildings and the atmosphere; urban microclimatology and hydrology; boundary layer meteorology and the representation of the atmospheric boundary layer in weather and climate models; environmental fluid mechanics and turbulence; nested multiscale modeling, and wireless sensor networks.

Relevant Publications

Wang Z., Bou-Zeid E., Au S.K., Smith J.A. (2011) "Sensitivity analysis of surface parameters in urban canopy models using advanced Monte Carlo simulation", Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, in press.

Wang Z., Bou-Zeid E., Smith J.A. (2011) "A spatially analytical scheme for surface temperatures and conductive heat fluxes in urban canopy models", Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 138(2), 171-193.

Nadeau D.F., Brutsaert W., Parlange M.B., Bou-Zeid E., Barrenetxea G., Couach G.,  Boldi M.-O., Selker J., Vetterli M. (2009) "Estimation of urban sensible heat flux using a dense wireless network of observations". Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 9, 635-653.

Bou-Zeid E., Overney J., Rogers B.D., and Parlange M.B., (2009) "The effects of building representation and clustering in large eddy simulations of flows in urban canopies". Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 132(3), 415-436.

Bou-Zeid E and El-Fadel M. (2002) "Climate change and water resources in the Middle East: a vulnerability and adaptation assessment". ASCE, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 128(5), 343-355.