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Warren B. Powell

Operations Research and Financial Engineering


Warren Powell works on optimization problems in energy in the presence of different sources of uncertainty. His major project as director of the Princeton laboratory for ENergy Systems Analysis (PENSA) is the development of a high-resolution simulator, SMART-ISO, of the PJM power grid, but he has also worked on problems that span optimal control of storage in the presence of stochastic supply (wind), prices and loads, management of electric vehicles, hedging of electricity commitments, optimizing wind farms (in the U.S. and China), management of energy usage and storage in buildings, and planning geothermal investments in the Philippines. He is interested in models that accurately capture the flow of information, and the design of strategies for dealing with different sources of uncertainty.

Relevant Publications

Kim, Jae Ho, Powell, Warren B., An hour-ahead prediction model for heavy-tailed spot prices, Energy Economics Vol. 33, pp. 1252-1266 (2011), DOI: 10.1016/j.eneco.2011.06.007

Powell, W. B., George, A., A. Lamont and J. Stewart, “SMART: A Stochastic Multiscale Model for the Analysis of Energy Resources, Technology and Policy,” Informs Journal on Computing (to appear, available online).

Anderson, B. R. N., Boulanger, A., Powell, W. B., & Scott, W. Adaptive Stochastic Control for the Smart Grid. Proceedings of the IEEE, 99(6), 1098-1115, 2011, DOI: 10.1109/JPROC.2011.2109671

Warren Scott, W. B. Powell, “Approximate Dynamic Programming for Energy Storage with New Results on Instrumental Variables and Projected Bellman Errors,” (under review).

D.H. Lee and W. B. Powell, "An Intelligent Battery Controller Using Bias-Corrected Q-learning" AAAI CompSust2012 (to appear).