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Phillip M. Hannam, Science, Technology and Environmental Policy

A mechanical engineer by background, Phil applies tools from international relations theory, economics, and theoretical ecology to analyze climate change cooperation and low-carbon energy development in developing countries. Phil studies the effect of “club” agreements in deepening international climate cooperation, as well as the influence of technology change and policy, multilateral development institutions, and south-south cooperation on energy investment decisions in Asia.  Phil speaks Chinese and has attended the UN climate negotiations for several years.

Relevant Publications

“Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Second Edition” (2012). Entry author for “Certified Emission Reductions”, “Flexibility Mechanisms”, “Contraction and Convergence”, and “Offshoring emissions”.

Hannam, P., Kyle, P., & Smith, S. (2009). “Global Deployment of Geothermal Energy Using a New Characterization in GCAM 1.0.”  Joint Global Change Research Institute, U.S. Department of Energy.