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Xinwo Huang, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Xinwo has a general interest in energy and environmental studies. His research interest lies in multi-phase flow in porous media and large-scale numerical modeling, with applications to geological carbon sequestration and shale gas production. Within the PEI-STEP program, he will explore the possibilities for CCS and shale gas to coexist from both technical and policy perspectives.

Relevant Publications

Huang, X., Bandilla, K.W., Celia, M.A., and Bachu, S. (2013). Basin-scale modeling of CO2 storage using a cascade of models of varying complexity. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, submitted.
Luo, S., Xu, R., Jiang, P., and Huang, X. (2011). Visualization experimental investigations of supercritical CO2 injected into porous media with fissure defect. Energy Procedia 4, 4411-4417.