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Dan Li, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dan’s current research focuses on the impact of urbanization on local and regional climate, as well as the water cycle. The goal of his research work, including his STEP (Science, Technology and Environmental Policy) project, is to study the potential of urban planning policies to reduce anthropogenic stresses on the urban environment, such as urban heat island effect and modification of water flux, based on a better understanding of the interactions between urban development pattern, the climate system, and the urban water cycle.

Relevant Publications

Li, D., G.G. Katul, and E. Bou-Zeid, 2012: Mean velocity and temperature profiles in a sheared diabatic turbulent boundary layer Phys. Fluids (in review).

Li, D., E. Bou-Zeid, and H. De Bruin, 2012: Monin-Obukhov Similarity Functions for the Structure Parameters of Temperature and Humidity Boundary-Layer Meteorol. (in press), DOI: 10.1007/s10546-011-9660-y

Li, D., and E. Bou-Zeid, 2011: Coherent Structures and the Dissimilarity of Turbulent Transport of Momentum and Scalars in the Unstable Atmospheric Surface Layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 140(2), 243-262, DOI: 10.100710546-011-9613-5