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Sili (Selina) Deng, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Sili’s research focuses on the combustion characteristics and chemistry of petroleum  and alternative fuels including biofuels, which constitute many of the critical issues related to energy and the climate. Experimental investigation is combined with numerical simulation to obtain fuel characteristics considering the complicated coupling process of chemistry and transport. It provides insights for surrogate fuel design, combustion process optimization and pollutant control.

Relevant Publications

  • Sili Deng, Peng Zhao, Delin Zhu, Chung K. Law, NTC-Affected Ignition of DME by Heated Counterflowing Air. 8th U.S. National Combustion Meeting, May 19-22, 2013, Utah, USA.
  • Yiyang Zhang, Shuiqing Li, Sili Deng, Qiang Yao, Stephen D. Tse, Direct Synthesis of Nanostructured TiO2 Films with Controlled Morphologies by Stagnation Swirl Flames. Journal of Aerosol Science [J]. 2012, 44: 77-82.
  • Deng Si-li, Li Shui-qing, Stephen D. Tse, Wang Jun-jing, Tao Yu-jie, Yao Qiang, Synthesis of TiO2 Nano-particles in Stagnation-point Swirl Flame. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics [J]. 2011, 32(1): 157-160. (in Chinese)
  • Wang Jun-jing, Tao Yu-jie, Zhang Yi-yang, Deng Si-li, Li Shui-qing, Yao Qiang, Sintering Behavior of TiO2 Particles in a Premixed Stagnation Flame. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics [J]. 2011, 32(5): 875-878. (in Chinese)
  • Shuiqing Li, Yiyang Zhang, Junjing Wang, Sili Deng, Stephen D. Tse (2010). Synthesis of Titania Nanoparticles by Premixed Stagnation Flames with Different Stabilization Techniques. In: Proceedings of the 6th World Congress on Particle Technology, April 26–29, Nuremberg.
  • YUN Duan, DENG Sili, SONG Qiang, YAO Qiang, Research on Potassium Deactivation and Regeneration Method of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 SCR Catalyst. Research of Environmental Sciences [J]. 2009, 22(6):730-735. (in Chinese)