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STEP Fellows: Awarded 2010

Megan Konar, Ford Fellow

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
STEP Topic: Projections of International crop trade under a changing climate.
STEP Adviser: Denise Mauzerall, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Thesis Topic: Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Virtual Water Trade
Thesis Adviser: Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jenna Losh, Ford Fellow

Department: Geosciences
STEP Topic: Investigating the challenges and prospective for U.S. ocean policy, with recommendations for a successful regime.
STEP Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer, Woodrow Wilson School
Thesis Topic: The response of marine phytoplankton to increase CO2 under nitrogen limitation.
Thesis Adviser: Francois Morel, Geosciences Engineering

Nitin Sekar, Perkins Fellow

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
STEP Topic: The effects of direct payments for conservation on local development in India.
STEP Adviser: Atul Kohli, Politics and David Wilcove, Woodrow Wilson
Thesis Topic: Predicting how the loss of Asian elephants may affect the dispersal of fruiting trees in India.
Thesis Adviser: Andrew Dobson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

David Turnbull, Ford Fellow

Department: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
STEP Topic: Nuclear-weapon proliferation risks associated with fusion-fission hybrids
STEP Adviser: Alexander Glaser, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering/Woodrow Wilson School
Thesis Topic: Ultra-intense laser amplification via raman backscattering - a potential fast ignitor for inertial fusion energy.
Thesis Adviser: Szymon Suckewer, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering