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As the flurry of the spring semester winds down with term papers written, exams taken, and graduations and reunions commemorated, it is a time for celebration, reflection, and new beginnings.
At no time has it been more important to envision how science informs the approach to global problems, especially those in the environmental arena, from changes in climate and weather extremes to the health of oceans, food security, and more.
Guyot Hall, Room 10 became a sea of orange and black on June 4th as nearly 200 guests arrived for the welcome and presentation of prizes at PEI’s Class Day celebration for the Program in Environmental Studies.
In May 2011, geosciences major Sara Nason ’12, was awarded the Becky Colvin Memorial Award by the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) and the Colvin family.
On Friday, May 11, PEI and the Grand Challenges Program hosted Discovery Day, the first annual poster session celebrating undergraduate senior thesis research on a variety of environmental issues.
The course examines the many links between environment and development in the United States.
In May 2011, Maddy Case ’12, an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major earning a certificate in environmental studies, received the Becky Colvin Memorial Award from PEI.
Waterways in remote, pristine tropical forests located in the Caribbean and Central America contain levels of nitrogen comparable to amounts found in streams and rivers flowing through polluted forests in the United States and Europe.