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Archive – December 2011

In 2004, physicist Robert Socolow and ecologist Stephen Pacala, co-directors of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University, published a now-famous paper in Science.
In an effort to accelerate innovation in sustainable energy and environmental technology, a collaborative network known as the Princeton Energy and Environment Corporate Affiliates Program has been created at Princeton University to engage a wide range of businesses.
Geosciences and PEI associated faculty member Bess Ward will receive the 2012 Procter & Gamble Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology
PEI/GC Grand Challenges Intern, Garnet Abrams, became the first undergraduate student to fly on the NSF Gulfstream-V research aircraft as part of a scientific flight from Alaska to the North Pole.
On the evening of April 20, 2010, an enormous explosion inside BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig caused the structure to burst into flames before it eventually sank into the Gulf of Mexico.