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Archive – November 2013

Princeton University is seeking outstanding applications to fill a new tenure-track faculty position in water science.
Princeton University-led research supported by the Carbon Mitigation Initiative suggests that even if carbon-dioxide emissions came to a sudden halt, our planet could continue to warm for hundreds of years.
Iain Couzin and colleagues are unlocking the secrets of how fish swim in coordinated schools.
Ramanan Laxminarayan spearheads Lancet Infectious Diseases Commission report on global solution to antibiotic resistance including the impact on the environment.
Jorge Sarmiento and Daniel Sigman are among Princeton researchers pushing through the challenging conditions of the Southern Ocean because they want to learn more about the waters at the bottom of the globe.
Candice Chow ’09 Photo courtesy of Candice Chow For Princeton students interested in the environment, the diverse world of environmental studies can encompass a variety of intersecting passions. For Candice Chow-Gamboa, that intersection was sustainable agriculture and global poverty. “The impetus for my career path is the issue of how to feed the world without depleting its resources, and I discovered how those two things work together during my time at Princeton as an under
David Medvigy is lead author of a study highlighting how destruction of the Amazon rainforest could affect climate elsewhere.
"The Matriarch" follows the life of Jada, an elephant and the matriarch of her family who has survived a brutal poaching attack.