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CICS Associate Director Sonya Legg, an AOS faculty member, is coauthor of a new article featured in a special issue of Oceanography "Women in Oceanography: A Decade Later." The article "The Impact of MPOWIR: A Decade of Investing in Mentoring Women in Physical Oceanography" describes the MPOWIR (Mentoring Physical Oceanography Women to Increase Retention) Program, a US community-initiated and community-led mentoring program aimed at improving the retention of women physical o
With the recent release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment Report (AR5) in 2013, several AOS graduate students, including many affiliated with the Cooperative Institute for Climate Science (CICS), decided to organize a summer reading group that would cover the Working Group I (WGI) report, detailing the physical science basis of climate change. CICS Graduate Students Todd Mooring, Geeta Persad, Jeffrey Strong, and Hannah Zanowski led the group.  Group lea
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PEI Research and Centers News from Fall/Winter 2009.
Humanity can't go on like this. Earth's climate is shifting, and it is all but certainly civilization's fault for burning fossil fuels and spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.