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Winter 2012 Grand Challenges update.
The experiences of these students, as well as that of interns before them, have created lasting impressions and deepened their academic and personal goals.
The environmental challenges facing the world today are so vast that any solution will have tremendous social and environmental impacts.
In November 2011 PEI established PIRANHA – Princeton Institute for Rainforests and the Amazon including their Nutrients, Hydrology, and the Atmosphere.
Winter 2012 Research Center updates.
On the evening of April 20, 2010, an enormous explosion inside BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig caused the structure to burst into flames before it eventually sank into the Gulf of Mexico.
California's air pollution problems are well-known to many Americans. Photos and stories about smog in Los Angeles, for example, have been in the news for years.
A record number of seniors graduating with Environmental Studies (ENV) certificates and nearly 200 of their guests attended PEI’s Class Day celebration on Monday, May 30.