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PEI Newsletter Archives: 2006

Fall 2006

PEI Fall Newsletter
  • Francois Morel Steps Down as PEI Director; Stephen Pacala Takes the Helm
  • ENV's Distinctive Living Lab Teaching Model Thrives at PEI
  • PEI Outreach Living Lab Interns Map Lake Carnegie
  • PEI Collaborates with D&R Greenway Land Trust
  • David Wilcove Plans to Increase Number and Variety of ENV Courses
  • Princeton Water Watch: Cleaning Our Water
  • PEI Research and Center News
  • Five Students Receive Awards at PEI's 2006 Class Day Celebration

Spring 2006

PEI Spring Newsletter
  • The Pace Center's "Class Matters" Event on Environmental Justice Sparks Lively Debate
  • Janet Grushow: A Bittersweet Recognition of a PEI Director
  • Population Ecologist Tackles Global Environmental Issues
  • 2005 Colvin Awards: Funding Field Research Along the Jersey Coast and Southwestern Utah
  • PEI to Sponsor Summer Programs for Local Teachers
  • PEI Talks to Educators at the NSTA Annual Meeting

Winter 2006

PEI Winter Newsletter
  • Bruce Babbitt Offers Vision of Federal Land Use
  • PEI Names Kathy Burks Hackett as Associate Director
  • Using The Gates to Advance Study on Wind and Seed Dispersal
  • Beatrix Farrand Garden at Graduate College is Restored and Updated
  • Visiting Environmental Economist Works with PEI Faculty on the Economics of Climate Change
  • Alumni Chat: Suzy Friedman '94
  • CEBIC Undergraduate Summer 2006 Research Fellowship