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Visiting Professorships

Princeton University Campus

PEI maintains a vibrant visiting fellows program in environmental research. The program recruits outstanding academic scholars and others with relevant expertise to Princeton with opportunities to contribute to PEI’s research and teaching programs.

Visitors are appointed for terms lasting for an entire academic semester or longer. While at Princeton, visiting faculty/fellows are encouraged to fully participate in the life of the Institute including collaborating with faculty and students on research projects, offering courses within the Program in Environmental Studies, mentoring undergraduate students on independent projects, and contributing to seminar gatherings and public lecture series.

PEI’s visiting scholars program is enhanced by several funded and endowed visiting faculty positions.

Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professorship in the Environment and the Humanities

Established in 2003, the Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron ’72 Visiting Professorship in the Environment and the Humanities enables PEI to forge closer ties between environmental studies and the humanities and social sciences at Princeton. PEI works cooperatively with leadership in the humanities disciplines at Princeton to identify and appoint accomplished and emerging scholars whose academic work is at the intersection of a traditional humanities discipline and environmental studies.

Recent visitors have had backgrounds in English, religion, philosophy, political science, and the performing arts. Their scholarship has focused on topics including environmental literature, religion and ecology, environmental justice, climate ethics, climate change, and biodiversity. Barron Visiting Professorship appointments are made jointly in PEI and the academic department that most appropriately represents the appointee’s disciplinary background. more >>

Visiting Professorship in Environmental Economics

The Visiting Professorship in Environmental Economics is supported by an anonymous gift to PEI. The program brings leading economists to campus to further collaborations at the intersection of environmental science, energy technology, economics, and public policy. Visiting experts are invited to collaborate with PEI faculty on continuing research including projects centering on climate change, energy alternatives, infectious disease, ecosystems services, and sustainable development. Visitors are expected to contribute to PEI’s teaching mission and to engage in multi-disciplinary forums with faculty, research staff, and students. more >>

BP-Vann Visiting Fellowship

Named as a tribute to BP’s most renowned exploration scientist, the BP Vann Visiting Fellows Program allows BP’s most talented and fast-rising executives with the opportunity to spend a semester at Princeton to explore the frontiers of knowledge in science, engineering, and public policy while tapping into the vast resources of the Princeton University community. BP Vann Fellows have worked collaboratively with Princeton faculty on shared research interests and have contributed to the teaching mission by introducing courses centering on various facets of petroleum exploration, capture, and refining. more >>