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BP-Vann Visiting Fellows

Named as a tribute to BP's most renowned exploration scientist, Ian Vann, the BP-Vann Visiting Fellows Program gives BP's most talented and fast-rising executives the opportunity to explore the frontiers of knowledge in science, engineering, and public policy while tapping into the vast resources of Princeton University.

In addition, the program gives leading BP researchers and executives the opportunity to work closely with distinguished Princeton scholars and researchers, as well as Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, and creates new opportunities for exchange and collaboration in areas of common interest.

This executive residency within the Princeton Environmental Institute, of one or two semesters in duration, is the first of its kind at Princeton. The program greatly enriches discussions of complex energy and environment-related issues cutting across multiple disciplines. In addition, the BP-Vann Visiting Fellows Program expands on BP's commitment since 2000 to support the 15-year Carbon Mitigation Initiative program at Princeton aimed at addressing global climate change and developing low-carbon energy sources.

Former BP-Vann Visiting Fellows

Mike Smith

Mike J. Smith

Winter/Spring 2010 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow

Kate Hadley Baker

Kate Hadley Baker

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow

Ian R. Wann

Ian R. Vann

Fall/Winter 2007-2008 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow