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Former BP-Vann Visiting Fellows

Mike J. Smith
Mike J. Smith

Mike J. Smith, Winter-Spring 2010

Mike J. Smith, was formerly BP's Vice President of Reservoir Management and Segment Reserves Authority with responsibility for all technical elements of Reserves and Resource Estimation and Reserves Reporting Compliance.

In this joint capacity he supported business units in the generation of production and reserve growth options from new and existing fields, while simultaneously understanding, protecting and optimizing the existing production base.

Mr. Smith received a B.Sc. in Mathematics at Cranfield University as well as a BP Industrial Scholarship at RMCS Shrivenham, Defense College of Management & Technology.

Teaching Activities at Princeton

ENV 531/GEO/CEE: Topics in Energy and the Environment: Making the Most of Scarce Hydrocarbon Resources

This course will predominantly explore the science, technology and business of oil and gas extraction, highlighting the historical role played by global politics and more recently ever demanding environmental expectations. Students will examine the history of oil and gas production, review current techniques to quantify discovered resources and maximise production. Drilling and production operations will be reviewed within the context of achieving maximum recovery ( focus on primary, improved and enhanced recovery schemes ) providing a basis for examining definitions of reserves and resources under a variety of economics models.

The course will conclude by reviewing the evolution of the oil & gas industry as it has reacted to demand for secure but ever increasing supplies of a vital global resource whilst running safe and environmentally responsible operations.

See Profile: Spring 2010 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow to learn more about Mike J. Smith.