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Senior Thesis Titles: 2015

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Armstrong Meredith REL 2015 David Miller Catholic and Protestant Environmentalism: A Critique of Lynn White's Deal? Attribution of Christian Responsibility for the Environmental Crisis
Ball Van Zee  Michelangelo  EEB  2015  David Wilcove  Lack of Hatch Date Adjustment in response to Weather in Four Arctic-Breeding Shorebirds 
Bernard  Miranda  CEE  2015  Kelly Caylor  An Irrigation and Precipitation Isotope Analysis of Crops in Central Kenya
Best  Kelsea  CBE  2015  David Medvigy  Optimization of Root Depth Profile to Improve Representation of Dynamic Rooting Decisions of Two Tree Species
Boyce  Colleen   EEB  2015  Daniel Rubenstein  The Behavioral, Associative, and Sexual Effects on Young Bull African Elephants in Response to the Removal of the Dominan Bull from Pongola Game Reserve, South Africa
Cannon  Joan  GEO  2015  Daniel Sigman  Studying Past Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations using Mass Spectrometer Analysis of Foraminifera-Bound Organic Matter 
Cheung  Tiffany   GEO  2015  Francois Morel  A Mechanistic Study of Carbon Fixation in Marine Phytoplankton: Effects of Diel Cycling, Temperature, and Light Intensity on Thalassiosira weissflogi 
Choi  Jonathan  EEB  2015  David Wilcove  Tropical Forest Restoration on Cattle Pastures in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica 
Coffey Cecelia WWS 2015 Frank Popper Smart from the Start: Atlantic Wind Energy Development in the United States and the Early Impacts of Policy Implementation
Cole  Evan  POL 2015 Melissa Lane  Anthropogenic Climate Change and Negative Duties: A New Look at International Responsibility
Diaz  Renata   EEB  2015 Rob Pringle  Herbivore-Mediated Effects of Ecosystem Hotspots on a Widespread East African Savanna Tree
Farais  Divya  ANT  2015  Susan Ellison  Unstacking Maps: The Athabasca Chipwyan First Nation and the Politics of Place and Identity 
Ferrara  Jeanette  ENG  2015  Susan Wolfson "As All is Mortal in Nature": Authority of Self and the Environment in Screen Adaptations of William Shakespeare's As You Like It, King Lear, and The Tempest
Fluehr  Erika  HIS 2015  Hendrik Hartog  Boulder in the Summers: An Early Twentieth Century American space for High Aims and Consumer Culture  
Gao  Sharon  ECO  2015  Amy Craft  Shedding Light on the Equity vs. Efficiency Debate: Distributional Impacts of Dynamic Residential Electricity Pricing
Haynes  Rebecca  EEB  2015  David Wilcove   Forest Cover Change in Costa Rica's Protected Areas and Biological Corridors: 2000-2010
Jeong  Sarah   WWS  2015  Michael Oppenheimer  Subsistence Farming with Climate Change: Sowing the Seeds of Government Programs in Limpopo, South Africa
Kemeny  Preston  GEO  2015  Daniel Sigman  Seasonality in the Antarctic Ocean: Late Summer Nitrate Isotope Measurements from the Pacific Sector and a Seasonal Model of the Upper Water Column
Kreutter  Nicole   WWS  2015  Emmanuel Kreike Ecotourism and Community Conservation: Community-Based Natural Resource Management for Rural Development in Namibia
Kreutter  Rebecca  WWS  2015  Michael Oppenheimer  Econometric Drivers of Forest Change in India 
Liu  Briana  POL  2015  Faisal Ahmed  Gauging the Gray in Green: China's Regulaion of Recycling Imports in the Global Waste Trade
Loht   Claire  WWS  2015  Andrew Dobson  Dead in the Water: Clean Water Act Compliance and Jurisdictional Uncertainty 
Lukasiewicz  Anna  WWS  2015  Robert Keohane  Frames of Climate Change Discourse in Germany and the United Kingdom 
Majchrzak  Victoria  HIS  2015  Emmanuel Kreike  The Iron Umbrella: A History of Political Rainmaking in the Cold War, 1946-1977
McLemore  Jessica  EAS  2015  Amy Borovoy  It Takes a Village to Feed a Child: Motives of Food Education in Japanese Elementary Schools 
Mcshea  Olivia  ANT  2015  Carolyn Rouse  Ino Vaovao? A Cultural and Environmental Exploration of Southern Madagascar
Miller  Damaris  ANT  2015  Susan Ellison  The Practice of Knowing: Environmental Education and Action in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery 
Moore  Brian  ORF  2015  Ronnie Sircar  Politics as (Un)Usual: Political Events and Market Fluctuations in the European Union Emissons Trading System 
Reed  Brian  ORF  2015  Ronnie Sircar  Overcoming Barriers for Impact Investing in Frontier markets 
Sayvetz Olivia WWS 2015 Michael Oppenheimer Weathering the Storm: A Decision-making Framework to support Flood Adaptation Policy in New York City
Slotten  Delphine  WWS  2015 David Wilcove  Addessing California's Water Crisis: An Assessment of the "Special Water Market" Proposal
Smith  Katherine  EEB  2015  Lars Hedin   Role of Backwater Environments in Nitrogen and Phosphorus Uptake in the Lower Mississippi River Floodplain
Talt  Gina ECO 2015  Smita Brunnermeier  The Effect of Gasoline Prices on Demand for Electric-Drive Vehicles in the U.S.
Tamasi  Tyler  CHM  2015  Lynn Loo Synthesis and Study of Supersized Heteroaromatic Small Molecules for Organic Photovoltaics
Taranov Aleksandra ANT 2015 Carol Greenhouse The Politics of Pornography: Affective Experiences of Women Participating in the Production of 'Socially Responsible Erotica'
Tsai  Evaline CBE  2015 Aaron Link  Monte Carlo Simulations of NaCL and CaCL2 Aqueous Solutions
Waszkewitz  Sarah  EEB  2015  Stephen Pacala  The Varying Functional Role of Ctenochaetus stristus: an Analysis of Behavior and Morphology in Top-Down  Verses Bottom-Up Reef Environments in Palau
Wise  Scott  WWS  2015  Timothy Searchinger   The Relinkage of Conservation Compliance  to Crop Insurance in the 2014 Farm Bill