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Senior Thesis Titles: 1993

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Chang Irene CHE 1993 Sankaran Sundaresan The Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Mullite/Allumina Composite Powders
Cohn Adam CHM 1993 Jeffrey Schwartz The Role of Alcohol in Titanium-Catalyze Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Benzenes
Cooper Sharon EEB 1993 Alison Jolly A Case Study of Nature Tourism and Conservation: Possibility, Paradox, and Promise
Cordero Jennifer MAE 1993 Eric Larson  
Fisher Dana EAS 1993 David Wolff The Citizen's Environment of Movement in Japan
Galinski M. Elena CHE 1993 John K. Gillham  
Hellman Elizabeth CHE 1993 John K. Gillham Progress in Plastics Recycling
Johnson Kristin ENG 1993 Victoria Ann Kahn The Wilderness Experience as Influenced by Gender: Portrayals of the Environment in the Literature of Henry David Thoreau, Zane Grey and Willa Cather
Keykhah Mojdeh CHE 1993 Clinton Andrews Lignite, Lenin and Legacy: The Privatization of Power in Eastern Germany
Lucy Lori CHE 1993 Sankaran Sundaresan Alkylation of Isobutane and 2-Butene over Zeolitic Solid Acid Catalysts
Mishalove Ian POL 1993 Manfred Halpern A Tranformation Response to Environmental Destruction: The Need for International Humanitarian Cooperation in Preserving the Health of the Global Environment
Peterson Jamie GEO 1993 Peter Jaffe Adsorption isotherms of mercury on sediment from the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer system
Pyle Elizabeth EEB 1993 Henry S. Horn Aspects of a South Carolina River Bluff: A Study of Vegetation along North, Northwest, West, and Southwest Facing Slopes in the Coastal Plain
Riley Donna CHE 1993 Valerie Thomas Sources of Heavy Metals in the Bergen County Utilities Authority Sewage Treatment System
Ringel Michael EEB 1993 Henry S. Horn The Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Communities of Ground Foraging Arthropods in Central Amazonia
Russell-Dowe Michelle ECO 1993 Timothy John Besley At What Cost, for Whom? An Examination of the Economic and Environmental Impacts of World Bank Loans for Development in Brazil
Schader Ryan CEE 1993 Peter Jaffe Computer Modeling of Iron Cycling in a Eutrophic Lake (Aydat, France)
Scicchitano John CEE 1993 Peter Jaffe Contaminant Transport in Tidally Influenced Aquifers
Sohmen-Pao Doris POL 1993 Steven Brechin The Fresh Kills Landfill: Factors Contributing to New York City's Dependence on the Fresh Kills Landfill
Stewart Stewart POL 1993 Steven Brechin Making the Desert Bloom: Misallocation of Water in the West
Sturdivant Brock GEO 1993 Richard Yuretich Atmospheric Heavy Metal Pollution, New Jersey Coastal Plain