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Senior Thesis Titles: 1994

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Ackerman Christopher CEE 1994 George Deodatis Serviceability, Reliability and Environmental Cost of Alternate Structural Wood Floor Assemblies
Brandt Peiffer CHE 1994 John Kinsey Gillham Two Aspects of Plastics Recycling: Separation Techniques for Common, Recyclable, Post-Consumer Plastics and an Overall Nonwovens Recycling Process
Carlson Stephanie ANT 1994 Shildred Storey Geertz Photographs as Myths: The American West Seen Through the Lens of Landscape Photography
Chang Rina WWS 1994 Minxin Pei Environmental Politics in China: A Case Study of the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project
Cooper Stacey GEO 1994 Peter J. Heaney The Effects of HTMA Cations and Water on Montmorillonite: Implications for Hazardous Waste Disposal
Crosby Dominique CEE 1994 Erik VanMarcke Radon Gas: The Silent Killer- A Risk Assessment of Indoor Radon Levels in New Jersey
Crotty Karlyn CEE 1994 Richard D. DeVeaux Statistical Evidence of Environmental Change in Tree Ring Widths
Cukier Elizabeth GEO 1994 Daniel Schrag  
Dennis Edward CHE 1994 Joan Mary Ogden The Design and Feasibility of a Hydrogen Refueling Station Supplied by On-site Reforming of Natural Gas
Ellis Alexander EEB 1994 S. Hubbell The Effect of Plant Toxins on the Growth and Survival of Specialist and Generalist Butterfly Species
Fanzone Ryan HIS 1994 Heinzen The Rise of American Environmental Awareness and the Hetch Hetchy and Echo Park Dam Controversies: 1908 to 1956
Fletcher Daniel MAE 1994 Enoch J. Durbin An Ion Probe System for Closed Loop Control of Ignition Timing
Friedman Susan HIS 1994 Chris Allen Rasmussen Fields of Dreams: The Environmental Consequences of the Gap Between Perception and Reality in the Great Plains, 1850-1940
Hanewald Reuwai EEB 1994 Henry Horn Avian Conservation: Relationship of Territory Size and Minimum Area Requirements
Kovatch Cecily GEO 1994 Peter Jaffe Comparison of Experimental and Computer-Modeled Flushing Times for Trichloroethylene-Contaminated Sands, Sandy Silts, and Clayey Silts
Kreidl Ken EEB 1994 Dan Rubenstein Territoriality and its Effects: Ranging, Time Budgeting, and Fighting in Feral Horses (Equus caballus) on Shackleford Banks
Lomax Steven GEO 1994 Gerta Keller Using marsh foraminifera to construct a late Holocene sea level history of the Raritan Estuary, New Jersey
Lyons Timothy CHE 1994 Valerie M. Thomas A Study of Dioxin Emissions from Hazardous Waste Incinerators
Owens Brolota WWS 1994 Daniel Kammen The Introduction of Insect Viruses as Insecticides in Kenya: An Examination of Biotechnological Application in Africa
Paulding Marquette POL 1994 Keisuke Iida The New Environmental Challenge: Global Warming as a Case Study in the Development of International Environmental Regimes and Policy from the Perspective of Third World Nations
Ray-Sherwood Susannah ART 1994 Gerald Harvey Being Prepared: An Analysis of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Response to Hurricane Andrew
Repp Amanda EEB 1994 Stephen Philip Hubbell Factors Affecting Species-Area Curve Slopes for Australian Vascular Plants
Sax Brian CEE 1994 Robert Alden Phinney Study of a local earthquake cluster in the southern Sierra Nevada using small seismic arrays
Schollaert Charles GEO 1994 S. George Philander Analysis of anthropogenic influences on Lake Baikal's purification process and recommendations for amelioration
Stanier Charles CHE 1994 Sankaran Sundaresan Work-Driven Adsorption Refrigeration: Theory, Model, and Prototype
Tiger Alexander POL 1994 Hal Feiveson The Split of Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations over the North American Free Trade Agreement: Selfish Agendas Hinder Effective Environmental Legislation
Wu Helen CHE 1994 Y. Hiromi A Genetic Screen for Autosomal Dominant Suppressors of the Ectopic Seven-Up Expression Phenotype