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Senior Thesis Titles: 1995

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Backhaus Tara WWS 1995 Daniel Kammen Water Resource Management in Thailand: Resolving Allocation Conflicts in the Chao Phraya River Basin
Biggs Trent EEB 1995 Stephen W. Pacala The Development and Use of a Geographic Information Systems Snow Map for Estimating Equilibrium Numbers of the Gray Wolf in Yellowstone National Park
Borsuk Mark CCE 1995 Peter Jaffe Mechanisms of Dissolved Heavy Metal Removal in a Freshwater Wetland and the Potential for Remobilization
Chen Hsiupei MOL 1995 Shirley Tilghman Compelmentation Analysis and Molecular Characterization of the Murine Piebald Deletion Complex
Freeman Zachary WWS 1995 Daniel Kammen Amazonian Aquatic Resources: Fishery Management and Aquaculture Development
Fullilove William WWS 1995 Harold Allan Feiveson Toward a Greener GATT: The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and Environmental Protection
Ghosh Suchandra CCE 1995 Alexandra Navrotsky Options for Disposition of Weapons Plutonium
Gibbons A. Elliot GEO 1995 Clinton J. Andrews Policy, Methodology, and Systems for the Remediation and Redevelopment of Contaminated Land
Gonzalez Jessica WWS 1995 Harold Allan Feiveson Putting the Environment on the Market: The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and the Sulfur Dioxide Emission Allowance Market
Gonzalez Joel MAE 1995 Michael G. Littman Autonomous Neural Net Control of a Bicycle Riding Robot
Guest Gregory HIS 1995 Chris Rasmussen A Modern Pyramid: The Kenney Dam and its Effects on Society, Culture, and Politics in British Columbia, 1928-1995
Jones Andrew CHE 1995 Joan M. Ogden Small Scale Steam Reforming of Natural Gas
Kim Christopher GEO 1995 Peter J. Heaney Adsorptive Properties of Magadiite: Implication for Hazardous Waste Containment
Lane Christopher ARC 1995 C. Rapkin Synthesis of the Old and the New: The Future of Chinese Architecture
Larsen Christian EEB 1995 Pierpaolo Battigalli Electricity from Energy Crops: An Analysis of Future Costs and Present Policies
Levine Arielle GEO 1995 Daniel P. Schrag The Effects of El Nino on Global Cash Crop Production
Lomax Franklin MAE 1995 Enoch Durbon Final Report: Design of a Residential Waste-Treatment/Cogeneration System
McLaughlin Carol WWS 1995 Steven Robert Brechin The Missing Link: Integrating Biological Conservation and Rural Development-Closing the Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality
Pemberton Alissa POL 1995 Daniel Kammen Between Scylla and Charybdis: Dominica, Development, and Foreign Aid
Pereira Ashanthi M. CHE 1995 Sandra M. Troian An Experimental Investigation of a Marangoni Driven Fingering Instability in Surfactant-Water Systems
Poag Joshua CHE 1995 Jay B. Benziger Energy From Garbage Versus Recycling
Polhemus Julie GEO 1995 William E. Bonini The Merrill Creek Reservoir Project: Assisting the Environmental Impact of a "Neutral Impact" Project
Ramakrishnan Rajini CEE 1995 Michael A. Celia Stormwater Pollution: Source Controls and Structural Measures
Roberts Sara CEE 1995 Georgios Deodatis Seismic Analysis of the Alaskan Way Viaduct
Silver Sasha ECO 1995 Robert Kuenne Economics for Elephants
Stephens Brandon ELE 1995 Robert J. Vanderbei A Proposed Statisical and Methodological Solution for Allocating Global Emission Permits
Stephens Theodore CEE 1995 Eric Wood Analysis of GEOS-1 Rainfall Data for Hydrologic Modeling
Stone Samantha SOC 1995 Steven Brechin Capitalist World Market, Traditional Systems of Knowledge, and Environmental Degradation: A Case Study Ipixuna Miranda, Brazil
Triantopoulos Dimitris Mitsos CEE 1995 Catherine Peters A Simple Mathematical Model for the Prediction of the Effects of Solvent Extraction on the Composition of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids
Voland Caryn WWS 1995 Steven Robert Brechin U.S. Policy Toward Environmental Conservation in Russia: Problems and Promises
Wechsler Benjamin EEB 1995 Stephen P. Hubbell A Neotropical Seedling Census: Diversity, Abundance and Dispersion
Wells Theron ENG 1995 Oliver Arnold A Literary Evolution of Ecological Consciousness: From the Growth of the Individual Mind to the Implementation of a Public Policy