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Senior Thesis Titles: 1996

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Alter Mark CEE 1996 Michael A. Celia Designing an Environmentally-Friendly Golf Course: Irrigation and Water-Use Testing at Springdale Golf Course
Batchelor Margaret EEB 1996 Leslie Johnson Troop Size, Habitat, and Year Effects on the Demography of Lemur catta at Berenty Reserve, Madagascar, 1972-1995
Belmont Albert WWS 1996 Richard Baker Restoring Democracy to the Regulatory Process: The Murray-Darling Basin Initiative as an Example of the Promise of a Network Management Policy Making Structure
Bohacek Erin Kennedy GEO 1996 Francois Morel Characterization of bacterial strain Orex-4: An organism capable of precipitating arsenic Trisulfide
Braun Marisa EEB 1996 Alison Jolly Variable Use of Territorial Behavior In Four Troops of Lemur Catta at Berenty Reserve, Madagascar
Clark Richard HIS 1996 Alexi Assmus The Ogallala Water Mine: A Study of Diverse Local Management
Cox Adam MAE 1996 Joan Ogden Implementing California's Zev Mandate The Development of a Hydrogen Supply Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Vehicles in the Los Angeles Basin
Deboo Shanaya WWS 1996 Daniel Kammen From Waste to Power: Women, Gender and Equity in India's Biogas Development Program
Duncan Scott EEB 1996 Leslie Johnson Biology for Kenya A Teacher's Guide to World Population Growth, Contraception, AIDS, and the Ecology of Predator-Prey Dynamics for Secondary Biology Students
Farkas Danijel GEO 1996 Paul L. Koch A Dental Microwear Analysis of the North American Mammoth and Masterdon: Testing a Dietary Hypothesis
Fountain Kristen PHI 1996 Gideon Rosen What is Feminist Science?: Understanding Contextual Empiricism
Furgiuele Naomi CHE 1996 Sankaran Sundaresan Liquid Phase Nitration of Aromatic Compounds Over Sulfated Zirconia
Gosman Sara Rollet REL 1996 Leigh Schmidt The Environment as God's Creation: Religious Narrative in the Conservation Movement
Groody Brian GEO 1996 Daniel P. Schrag Is the Western Pacific Ocean Getting Warmer?: A Long Term Isotopic Record of Corals from Naru and Guadalcanal, Solomon Is.
Joyce Kevin GEO 1996 Francois Morel Complexation of Aqueous Copper with Polynuclear Silica in Solution
Keuler Richard POL 1996 Gerald Garvey The Dangers Within: A Case Study of the Lipari Landfill and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980
Klee Robert GEO 1996 Lincoln S. Hollister Origin of a Melt-Laden Shear Band in a High Temperature Metamorphic Rock from the Argentera Massif, Italy
Kliszewski Matthew WWS 1996 n/a The Privatization of Public Water and Sewerage Supply Systems in Developing Nations
Kortlang Caitlin ECO 1996 David Bradford When There Aren't Other Fish in the Sea: The Use of Individual Transferable Quotas in Fisheries Management
Kronish Ian CHM 1996 Jeffrey Schwartz The Versaltility of Titanium Organometallics: Applications to the Reduction of Nitroaromatics and the Alkylidenation of Carbonyl Derivatives
Lightdale Nina EEB 1996 Dan Rubenstein The Ramble, Central Park, New York City: An Ecological Approach to Restoration and Management
Markle Stephen MAE 1996 Michael Littman Focusing of Acoustic Waves in Elastic Media Using Ring-Shaped Surface Impact
Marr Amy EEB 1996 Dan Rubenstein Territoriality in Shackleford Island Feral Horses (Equus Caballus)
Marshall Julian CHE 1996 Peter Jaffe The Effect of Temporal Variability in Infiltration on Contaminant Transport in the Unsaturated Zone
McCabe Molly CEE 1996 Catherine Peters Monitoring and Modeling of Pesticides in a Golf Course Environment
McCallum Jeremy CHM 1996 Jeffrey Schwartz Titanium (III) Catalyzed Reduction of Nitrobenzene by Sodium Borohydride: Unmasking the Mechanism
Padmos Jeremy CEE 1996 David H. Bernstein Wireless Information: Making Smart Decisions for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Pugh William EEB 1996 Stephen Hubbell Mortality, Recruitment, and Growth of Small Saplings in a Neotropical Forest
Rutherford Matthew J. CEE 1996 James A. Smith The Fully Integrated Environmental Location and Data System: A GPS/GIS System
Rutherford Matthew CEE 1996 James A. Smith The Fully Integrated Environmental Location and Data System: A GPS/GIS System
Salcedo E. Constans CHE 1996 Valerie Thomas Phasing Out Leaded Gasoline in Philippine Refineries
Stokes Sarah EEB 1996 Simon Levin Development, Implementation, and Assessment of a Sixth Grade Ecology Unit
Sultana Farhana GEO 1996 William E. Bonini Coastal protection plans for Chittagong, Bangladesh:Reducing storm surge death and destruction
Talhah Bakhtiar CHM 1996 Thomas Spiro Toxicity of Polychlorinated Biphenyls via Binding to the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor: Thermodynamic Model and Structure-Activity Relationships
Thomas-Alyea Karen CEE 1996 Michael A. Celia Use of Unsaturated Flow Models for Systematic Application of Fertilizers
Warren Louise WWS 1996 Steven Brechin Regulation of International Trade in Endangered Species: Supporting Conservation and Preservation
White Jason MAE 1996 Joan Ogden Implementing California's Zev Mandate The Development of a Hydrogen Supply Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Vehicles in the Los Angeles Basin
Wunz Christopher CEE 1996 Michael A. Celia Groundwater Conatminant Transport Modeling: The North Fork, Long Island
Wyglendowski Ian POL 1996 K. Stoner-Weiss The Soviet Environmental Movement: Civic Initiative in an Era of Perestroika
Zepeda Carley CEE 1996 James A. Smith The Rapidan Storm of June 27, 1995 in Madison County, Virginia: Simulation of Catastrophic Rainfall and Application to Landslide Assessment