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Senior Thesis Titles: 1997

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Adams Andrew HIS 1997 Philip Katz Capital, Cattle, and the Capitol: British Capital Investment in Texas Panhandle Ranches 1877-1951
Ahn Janey WWS 1997 Harold Allan Feiveson The Future of Fission Power: The Development of Nuclear Energy in South Korea and Its Implications for Asia
Altman Ari SOC 1997 Charles F. Westoff Environmentalism: From Knowledge to Action
Azzolina Nicholas GEO 1997 Daniel Schrag The Reproducibility of Stable Oxygen Isotope Composition in Porites lutea Corals from the Red Sea
Benjamin Drinda CEE 1997 Eric F. Wood Setting the Stage: A Foundation for Environmental Policy Analysis of Developing Nations
Benson Eric ENG 1997 Hans Aarsleff Reading Montana: Landscape, Rivers, Literature
Bombardieri Victoria GEO 1997 John Suppe The Beta-Phoebe-Themis Regiones of Venus: Wrinkle Ridge Distribution and Structural Evolution
Bragg Kimberly CHE 1997 Jay B. Benziger Indoor Air Treatment for Sick Building Syndrome
Brancaforte Andrea COM 1997 Eileen Reeves Subverting Hierarchies in Cervantes and in the Sicilian "Opra dei Pupi"
Brooks Andrew CHM 1997 Andrew B. Bocarsly Electropolymerization of Thiophene on Iron Electrodes: A Possible Route to Corrosion Prevention
Curran Colette WWS 1997 Daniel Merson Kammen Poverty, POL and Deforestation: The Transmigration Program in Indonesia
Epstein Kristin CEE 1997 Peter Jaffe The Chattahoochee River: Analysis of Increased Limitations on Point Source Emissions
Etemad Cyrus WWS 1997 Harold Allan Feiveson High-Level Radioactive Waste Policy in the United States: The Interim Storage of Spent Fuel
Faber Joseph GEO 1997 Francois Morel The Dissemination of Photovoltaics in Kenya: A Market Characterization and Industrial-Ecological Analysis of Lead Pollution
Farrell Marlene EEB 1997 Andrew P. Dobson Metapopulation Modeling of Bird Populations in Woods of Great Britain and the Eastern U.S.
Fender Rebecca ECO 1997 David Frantz Bradford Pristine Poverty or Tarnished Wealth: A Cross-Country Analysis of Growth, Income and Environmental
Gray Florette EEB 1997 Stephen W. Pacala Gasoline Powered Vehicles vs. Electric Vehicles: The Epidemiological Effects of Each
Gung Edward CEE 1997 Catherine Peters Biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Nonaqueous Phase Liquids
Hwang Sinclair WWS 1997 Harold Allan Feiveson The Promotion of Natural Gas Vehicles: The Texas Experience
Jones Stephanie EEB 1997 Andrew P. Dobson Using Tourism to Support Conservation: A Case Study of Bajo del Tigre, Monteverde, Costa Rica
Kinney Steven CEE 1997 Michael A. Celia The Storm is Coming: A Senior Thesis on Grid Refinement for MODFLOW
Kummel Miroslav EEB 1997 Stephen Hubbell Resource Competition Approach to Phytoplankton Community Dynamics in Shallow Eutrophic Fishponds
Ledesma Shayna EEB 1997 James L. Gould An Investigation of the Effects of Tail Swords on Female Choice in the Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
Lindenberg Karen GEO 1997 Guust Nolet Down the Drain: A Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Survey of a Trichloroethylene (TCE)-Contaminated Site in Camden County, New Jersey
Massey A. Travis MOL 1997 Francois Morel Identification and Isolation of the Gene Encoding an ABC-type Heavy Metal Transport Protein in the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii
Patrascioiu Leslie EEB 1997 Andrew P. Dobson How the Quagga Mussel Displaced the Zebra Mussel, and Other Tales of Ecology from the Great Lakes
Punu Bradley CHE 1997 David P. Billington Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge: The Evolution of an Innovative Design
Sriwatanapongse Watanee CHE 1997 Peter Jaffe Effect of Variation in Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Chain Length of Nonionic Surfactant in Enhancement of Phenanthrene Biodegradation
Steinitz Joshua WWS 1997 Clinton James Andrews Trading for the Environment: Land Exchanges, Conservation, and Development
Wainer Shoshana WWS 1997 Harold Allan Feiveson Solar Photovoltaic Energy: United States Policy to Foster Domestic Development and Deployment
Wiegand Christy POL 1997 Clinton James Andrews Regional Cooperation and Innovative Pollution Control in the Northeastern United States: A Case Study of the Ozone Transport Commission
Wordham Laxmi CEE 1997 Eric F. Wood The Hydrology of the Walker River Basin in Western Nevada