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Senior Thesis Titles: 1998

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Anderson Lauren EEB 1998 Peter Raymond Grant Reproduction in a Stochastic Environment: A Case Study of Dermochelys coriacea
Blackwell Rebecca CHE 1998 Eric Larson An Assessment of Black Liquor Gasification for the Kraft Pulp Industry
Busch Danielle Shallin EEB 1998 Thomas P. Coombs-Hahn Vitellogenin and Triglycerides in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha): A Study on Reproduction and the Effect of Pollution
Carlisle Kiera POL 1998 Gerald Garvey From Fragmentation to Integration: The Goals, Limits and Future of Environmental Management in California
Dubovick Tracy EEB 1998 Alison Jolly A Historical, Social, and Ecological Analysis of Three Tourist Ranging Troops of Lemur catta Berenty Reserve, Madagascar
Epstein Kira GEO 1998 Francois Morel Effects of Interactions between Hg(II) and Humic Acids, Cysteine, Natural Waters and Hg(0) on Merlux Bacteria Light Emission Response and Subsequent Reevaluation of Published Mercury-Cysteine Binding Constant
Farzad Roben WWS 1998 Burton Singer From Earthquakes to Wrestlers to Pistachios: Setting the Stage for an American-Iranian Reconciliation
Finkelstein Sarah EEB 1998 Stephen Hubbell An Ecological Study of the Seedlings in a Panamanian Forest
Flugge Jessica ENG 1998 Patrick W. O'Kelley Ambiguity, Authorship and Authority in Annie Dillard's Mornings Like This: Found Poems
Grossman David POL 1998 Garvey Can't See the Forest for the Trees: The American National Forest Protection Movement
Heeder Elena POL 1998 McNamara Peddling Obscure Species: An Examination of CITES Enforcement and Species Protection
Holland Thomas EEB 1998 Dan Rubenstein Female Social Behavior in a Recently Culled Feral Horse Population (Equus caballus)
Jacobs Jeffrey HIS 1998 Frank Trentmann Land and Nationalism in Ireland 1846-1916
Kapadia Aman WWS 1998 Kathleen McNamara The Global Climate Change Regime: Incorporating Developing Country Perspectives
Krantz Joshua GEO 1998 Robert Phinney Some Thermal Consequences Regarding the Extension of the Sierra Nevada: Examining the Implications of Partial Melt Fractions on Seismic Determination of Mid-Crustal Rheology
MacColl Eugene GEO 1998 S. George Philander Natural and Man Made Effects on Landslides and Debris Flows: The Oregon Floods of 1995 - 1996
Man Li-Xing CHM 1998 Francois Morel Waiting for New Drugs and Vaccines: Alternative Malaria Control Interventions in India
McArthur Katherin EEB 1998 Henry Horn An Investigation into the Allometry of Red Cedar
Metz Margaret EEB 1998 Andrew Dobson Population Viability Analysis of Endangered Species in Indonesia's National Parks
Neal Christopher GEO 1998 Lincoln Hollister Facilitating "Big Science": The Jemez Tomography Experiment, New Mexico
Noormohamed Taleeb Independent Concentration 1998 Jerome Clinton Establishing A Success: The Isma'ili Community and its Settlement in Canada
Nuffort Kristen WWS 1998 Sara R. Curran A Triad for the Future: People, Products and Participation in Tropical Forests
Prozes Peter ENG 1998 Hilary Herbold Representations of the West in Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion and Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose
Rogers Gilbert EEB 1998 Henry Horn Competition as a Factor in the Endangered Status of Livingstone's Fruit Bat
Shephard Christopher EEB 1998 Henry Horn A Place to Grow: Ecological HIS of the Princeton-Blairstown Center
Silva Thomas CEE 1998 Smith When it Rains, it Pours: Flood Risk Management in Sacramento, California
Sims Katharine EEB 1998 Dan Rubenstein Population Reduction of the Shackleford Banks Herd: Effects on Barrier Island Vegetationand the Behavioral Ecology of Equus caballus
Sisk Marja CEE 1998 Vanderbei Optimization of Short-Term Hydrothermal Power Coordination: A Comparison of Two Methodologies
Staropoli John MOL 1998 Stanislas Leibler Robust and Modulated Properties of Chemotaxis over Bacterial Growth
Thate Karine EEB 1998 Henry Horn The HIS of Forests in Princeton, NJ: Forest Clearance, Regeneration, and Fragmentation
Tze Jonathan EEB 1998 Burton Singer Serengeti III: Reintegrating People, Disease Management, and Conservation Policy in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem
Zimmer Valerie CEE/ORF 1998 John Suppe Restoration by Rigid Block Packing with Applications to Outcrop Scale Structural Features