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Senior Thesis Titles: 1999

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Bleek Philipp WWS 1999 Valeria M. Thomas Extended Producer Responsibility: An Innovative Approach to the Solid Waste Dilemma?
Gomes-Casseres Lisa EEB 1999 Henry Horn From Unbroken Forests to Suburban Sprawl: The Influence of Soil on Natural and Human HIS in Princeton and Vicinity
Heeks Robyn ANT 1999 James Alexander Boon Green Consumerism: The Popularization of an Ethic
Hegland Jackson ECO 1999 Patrick Bolton Canada's Petroleum Industry Allowance Trading Program: A System of Tradable Carbon Dioxide Permits
Lin Sandy ECO 1999 Keisuke Iida Industrialization and Deforestation: A Study of Indonesian Forestry Policies
Mastronardi Kristerfor CHM 1999 Robert Joseph Cava New Thermoelectric Materials
McDonald Rafael CHE 1999 L.M. Russel Organics in the Marine Boundary Layer: The Behavior of Organic Compunds in Synthetic Ocean Water
O'Brien Sheila EEB 1999 Stephen W. Pacala The Interactive Effects of Light, Trace Metal, and Carbon on Growth of a Coastal Diatom, Thalassiosira weissflogii
Owings Emma POL 1999 Kent Eaton Forest Resource Use and Allocation in Chile
Steeves Karen POL 1999 Sheri E. Berman Shades of Green: Designing Institutions to Manage European Transboundary Pollution
Stefanelli Ernest EEB 1999 Dan Rubenstein Bachelor Male Feral Horses: A Comparison of Stable and Unstable Populations
Wang Melinda POL 1999 Jason Scorza Nature and the Individual: An Essay on Jeffersonian Materialism and Emersonian Idealism
Wendschuh Michael WWS 1999 Andrew Dobson The Impact of Social Persuasion Techniques in the Audiovisual Media on Environmental Policies: A Cognitive-Psychological Assessment
Wu Joyce HIS 1999 Gabriel Finkelstein Justice in Jeopardy: The Exclusion of Occupational Diseases from Workmen's Compensation, 1880-1930