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Senior Thesis Titles: 2000

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Baum Elizabeth MAE 2000 Barrie Royce Design of a Small, Multi-Use Power Plant for Use in Third World Agriculture
Baum Ryan WWS 2000 David Bradford Building a Market for Instream Flows: Utilizing Economic Principles to Resolve Water Allocation Conflicts Between Endangered Fisheries and Irrigated Agriculture in the American West
Bucher Joy EEB 2000 Andrew Dobson Long Canyon, Idaho: Protection of a Wilderness Area
Caruso Lauren EEB 2000 Stuart Altmann El Nino and the Pinnipeds of the Channel Islands: a Comparative Study of Three Species
Davis Kathleen GEO 2000 William Jason Morgan Under the Sea: Geologic Evidence for the Black Sea Flood
de Brun Constance T.F. WWS 2000 Harold Feiveson New Zealand Conservation Policy and the Protection of the Rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin
Hittle Jocelyn EEB 2000 Dan Rubenstein Effects of Maternal Age and Experience on Respiration Rates of Wild Bottlenose Dolphin Neonates and Yearlings (Tursiops truncatus)
Jagtap Neal CHE 2000 Michael Bender Design of a Transient Seven-Box Global Ocean Circulation Model to Simulate Changes in Carbon Concentration Between the Last Glacial Maximum and Interglacial Period
Liu Robin MAE 2000 Lynn Monica Russell Environmental Effect of Aircrafts on the Stratosphere
Menone Christopher EEB 2000 Rosemary Grant Inference, Hearsay, and Conjecture: Revelations of the Biogeography of Hawaiian Honeycreeper Vocalizations
Miller Lynn CEE 2000 Catherine A. Peters Reducing Phosphorous Loads to Lakes in South Florida: Testing an 8-Foot Vegetative Filter Strip
Nuzzo Joseph WWS 2000 Andrew Dobson Global Change and Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Twenty-first Century: Impacts and Implications for Health Care in the United States
Rollins-Raval Marian CLA 2000 Rosamund E. Fantham Malaria in Ancient Times - A Problem in Greece and Italy?
Samhouri Jameal EEB 2000 Stephen W. Pacala A New Dimension for Coral Reef Fish Communities: Fractals
Schwimmer Evan CEE 2000 Erik VanMarcke Earthquake Impact Assessment for Essential Facilities in New York City
Singleton Elizabeth WWS 2000 David Bradford Finding a Balance: Designing Policy as a Tool for Sustainable Development in Botswana