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Senior Thesis Titles: 2001

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Boger Peter HIS 2001 Eagle Glassheim The Ascent of Apes: Changing Influences Over the Bronx Zoo's Cultural Function in the Twentieth Century
Chang Schuyler SOC 2001 Howard Francis Taylor Fear of the Unknown and Uncontrollable: American Social Reactions to the Introduction of the West Nile Virus
Gehret Kathryn EEB 2001 Stephen W. Pacala Detecting Density-Dependent Growth in Juvenile Populations of Chromis Cyanea (Pomacentridae): The Impact of School Age Composition on Study Results
Hahn Laura POL 2001 Patrick Deneen Evolving Dynamics of the American Family: An Analysis of Four Classic Films
Kim Terry PHI 2001 Delia Ruby Graff Oh Mercy, Mercy Me: An Examination of Personal Identity in the PHI of Deep Ecology
McLane Elisabeth EEB 2001 Kristina Rothley Determinants of Fledging Production in Northern Harriers (Circus cyaneus) on Martha's Vineyard
Poe Emily HIS 2001 Hendrik Arnold Hartog Tracing the Growth of the Environmental Movement: A Study of Literature, Policy and Environmental Law in the American South
Stainback David ECO 2001 Smita Brunnermeier The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
Weitz Daniel EEB 2001 James Gould Space, Systems and Synergy: The HIS of Biosphere 2