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Senior Thesis Titles: 2002

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Bass Lauren POL 2002 David Wilcove Who Gives a Hoot? An Evaluation of Three Political Models as Applied to the Spotted Owl Controversy
Bernier Elizabeth EEB 2002 Simon Levin The Distribution of Native Bees in an Intensive Agricultural Area
Campbell Lindsay WWS 2002 Julian Wolpert Natural Resource Management and Tourism Policy in Namibia: A Sustainable Development Paradigm?
Celik Fuat CHE 2002 Jeffrey D. Carbeck Enzyme-Based Microreactors and Biosensors
Cobey Sarah EEB 2002 Andrew Dobson Haemosporidian Infections of Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows Breeding in the Rocky Mountains
Jordan Sarah Helen WWS 2002 David Frantz Bradford The Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact - An Economic Tool for Environmental Protection in Rural New England
Lackner Julie ECO 2002 Amy B. Craft International Trade and its Effects on the Environment as a Market Externality
Lieberman Erez MAT 2002 Martin Nowak Sphere Packing, Generalization Graphs, and Finite Languages
Macaulay Jennifer WWS 2002 Julian Wolpert Sustainable Community Development in the Atlantic Region of Canada: The Quebec-Labrador Foundation and Asset-Based Community Development
Norman Anayi EEB 2002 James L. Gould Behavior of a Brown-headed Cowbird in a Woodthrush Nest: Being Greedy or Overcoming Parental Discrimination?
Rebuck Nathan EEB 2002 Andrew Dobson Conservation on Private Land: The Protection of Sea Turtle Nesting on the Mayan Riviera
Smith Sarah HIS 2002 Emmanuel H. Kreike Winds of Change: A Historical Analysis of Hurricanes and Their Impacts, and a System for Assessing the Vulnerability of the Communities They Hit
Suh Albert POL 2002 Daniel Markey Linking Awareness and Action: The Challenges of Managing Environmental NGO Performance in a Changing World
White Sarah CHM 2002 Satish Myneni Influence of Elevated Soil-CO2 on Mineral Weathering and Soil BiogeoCHM, Mammoth Mountain, CA