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Senior Thesis Titles: 2003

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Benner Jon EEB 2003 Lars Hedin Canopy Uptake and Loss of Nitrogren Across a Precipitation Gradiant in a Hawaiian Montane Forest
Bryant Andrew HIS 2003 Emmanuel H. Kreike The Effects of Coffee Cultivation on the Land and People of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, During the British Colonial Era: 1916-1961
Gammon Katharine ANT 2003 Alan Eugene Mann The Paleolithic Production and Modern Analysis of Franco-Cantabrian Cave Art
Gilliam Jessica EEB 2003 Martin Wikelski The Effects of Corticosterone on the Cell-Mediated Immune Response of House Sparrows (Passer Domesticus)
Gruber Scott ECO 2003 Silvia Weyerbrock The Calculation of Two Non-Market Values for Tahoe National Forest Using Contingent Valuation and the Travel Cost Method
Hakala Jacqueline GEO 2003 Satish Myneni The Geochemical Distribution and Speciation of Organobromines in Wetland Sediments
Hopkins Roger PSY 2003 John McConnon Darley The Effects of Environmental Noise Stressors on Cognitive Processes in Learning
Jack Brooke WWS 2003 Michael Oppenheimer Global Cooperation for Local Implementation: Achieving International Sustainable Development Commitments
Jones Benjamin MAE 2003 Barrie Royce Design of a Hybrid Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Collector for Residential Applications
Lin Cynthia CEE 2003 Eric Wood Contextualizing Scarcity: Approaches to Integrating Global Water Scarcity Indicators with the Driving Forces of Social Response
McCloskey Terrence GEO 2003 Gerta Keller 5000 Year Record of Hurricane Strikes on the Central Coast of Belize
Miller Sarah HIS 2003 James M. McPherson Uncle Tom's Cabin is Gone With the Wind: Transformations and Representations of Popular Conceptions of Slavery, 1852-1936
Nelson Peter CEE 2003 James Smith Evolution of Hydrologic Response and Channel Morphology in an Urban Drainage Basin in the Maryland Piedmont
Nicholas Julie CEE 2003 Michael Celia Tears of a Watershed: An Analysis of the Impact from Anthracite Coal Mining in the Lackawanna River Watershed of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
Pell Gabriel POL 2003 Michael Doran Not a Drop to Spare: Water in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Raymar Meryl GEO 2003 Michael Oppenheimer Electricity Sector Transformation in Small Island States: A Saint Lucia Case Study
Sage Margit MAE 2003 Naomi Ehrich Leonard Applying Biometric Propulsion to a Remotely Operated Underwater Rover
Spencer Justin MAE 2003 Barrie Royce Design and Simulation of a Kalina Cycle Solar Power System with Tracking Reflectors and Flat Plate Collector in Central New Jersey
Suarez Sylvia ANT 2003 Isabelle Clark-Deces The Great Green Hope: Community-Based Ecotourism in Ecuador as a New Development Paradigm
Tanner Eva CHE 2003 Yannis G. Kevrekidis Modeling Microbial Population Dynamics in Response to Chemical Stressors
Wilson Dandy EEB 2003 Henry Horn Habitat Fragmentation, Edge Effects and Predation on Mock Avian Ground Nests: A Study with Conservational Implications