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Senior Thesis Titles: 2011

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Aronson Jacob WWS 2011 Frank and Deborah Popper Public Land for Public Use? Managing New York State Land for Recreation
Bannon John History 2011 Neil Young The Soul of the City: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Dallas City Development and the Trinity River from Dallas's Founding to the Present
Barkley Hannah EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Establishing Links Between Basin-Scale Climate and the Growth of Atlantic Corals: The Effect of Temperature and Feeding on Favia fragum
Barron Brooks  WWS 2011 Denise Mauzerall To Mobilize a Nation: American Public Perception of Climate Change and the Prospects for  U.S. Climate Legislation
Baum Jason   ECO 2011 Elizabeth Bogan DOCTOR KNOWS BEST: The Interaction of Physicians' Perspectives and the Quality of Healthcare 
Borchard Samuel  CEE 2011 Branko Glisic  Leave No Trace: Designing a Zero Waste Bridge on the Appalachian Trail
Branzburg Max  WWS 2011 Harold Feiveson  Energy Production in Rural Communities: Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale Gas
Brooks Kelsey  EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala  Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil by Five Weed Species: Possibilities for Community Initiated Brownfield Remediation in Trenton, NJ 
Brusca Raymond  WWS 2011 Andrew Moravcsik  A Binding Agreement Too Far: Expaining the European Union's Strategy at teh COP15 Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen
Castaneda Garland  MOL  2011 Leon Rosenberg  Lithium: Mind, Earth and Energy 
Chen Rena   ANT  2011 Elizabeth Davis  Harvesting the Caviar of the East: Sustainable Measures and the Paradox of Consumer Ideas
Costa Matthew   EEB 2011 James Gould Mangrove Species Zonation in a Bermudan Tidal Pond 
Cunningham Emma  ECO 2011 Doireann Fitzgerald  A Hybrid Approach: An Analysis of Driving Behavior and Policy Options for Decreasing Gas Consumption in the US
Dasgupta  Aditi  EEB  2011 Lars Hedin The Aerobic and Anaerobic Bioremediation of Methane in the Ocean 
Della Porta Christopher  HIS 2011 Yair Mintzker  Sands: Technology, Environment, and Society in the Development of Oil Sands Resources in Alberta, Canada
Dreibelbis Carol ANT 2011 Alan Mann (Not Quite) As American as Apple Pie: An Ethnographic Study of the Place of Vegan Dessert Shops in American Culture
Driscoll Colleen WWS 2011 Michael Oppenheimer  The Wrath of Grapes: The Impact of Climate Change on Viticulture and the South African Wine Industry 
Fowler  L. Morgan   IND  2011 Winston Soboyejo  A Novel Long-Term Cold Chain for Vaccine Distribution 
Growald  Daniel  EBB 2011 Lars Hedin  Can Biochar and Biofuels Save Wastelands and the Climate?  
Harsh William  POL 2011 David Wilcove  Illegal Logging in Madagascar: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions  
Huynh Ryan  EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala  The Thermal Ecology of Anole Lizards of the Bay Islands, Honduras, and their Vulnerabilities to Climate Change
Katz  Matthew  ECO 2011 Smita Brunnermeier  A Storm of Change: The Effect of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on Global Commodity Prices
Keaton  Michael  CBE 2011 Robert Prud'homme  Up-converting Phosphor Composite Nanoparticles for Bioimaging  
Keeley Jennifer  ENG 2011 Deborah Nord Psychological Gothic: 19th Century Variations on Gothic Tradition 
Kroll  Cynthia  SPO 2011 Rachel Price  Water Access in the Colonias of Laredo, Texas: Health, Representation, and Uncertainty
LaChance Barrett  CHM 2011 Andrew Bocarsly  Physical and Electrochemical Evaluation of Synthesis Methods of Bimetallic Catalysts for Ethanol Oxidation
Lanio Mauricio   SOC 2011 Janet Vertesi  A Co-Authorship Network Analysis of the Cassini Mission to Saturn 
Larrabee  Yuri  ECO 2011 Ana Babus  The Effect of Wind Energy on Electricity Prices: A Two-Part Study on a United States Panel and the California ISO Market 
Markowitz  Caroline   HIS 2011 Brad Simpson  The Damn Dam: The Transnational Opposition Movement that Influenced Washington and Changed the World Bank
May Dan  POL 2011 Nolan McCarty  Representing the Future: Intergenerational Transfer in American Politics  
McGinnis Kevin  WWS 2011 Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe  Water for All in Lima, Peru: State or Private Sector Solutions? 
McGinnis Sean  GEO 2011 Michael Bender  Pushing the 123ka Barrier in Greenland: A Revisitation in the Reconstruction of the Disturbed Section of GISP2/GRIP 
Merlone Michael  EEB 2011 Lars Hedin  The Effect of Biochar on the Processes Governing Emissions of Carbon Dixoxide and Nitrous Oxide from Agricultural Soils 
Nahol Dalia  SOC 2011 Delia Baldassarri  The Rural-Urban Divide: Do Rural Residents Care Less About the Environment?  
Oswald Jennifer  EEB 2011 James Gould Estrogen and Light Pollution: Effects on the Growth and Behavior of Sailfin Mollies (Peocilia Laptipinna)
Pandit Caaminee  SOC 2011 Douglas Massey  The Racial Implications of Urban Policy: Solidifying Non-White Inferiority in Cape Town and Philadelphia
Parkhurst Catherine   EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala  Labroides dimidiatus Cleaning Stations: An Ecological Indicator and Monitoring Tool of Reef Fish Biodiversity
Phillips Juliet  EEB 2011 David Wilcove  The Effects of Human Disturbance on Large Mammal Populations in a Tropical Forest Ecosystem: Cusuco National Park, Honduras 
Plaza-Jennings Esteban   POL 2011 Christina Davis  Who's Behind the Wheel: A Comparison of Automotive Industrial Policy in the United States and Japan 
Prier Megan   CEE 2011 Sigrid Adriaenssens and Erik Vanmarcke  Responding to Nigeria's Buliding Challenges: A Bamboo Dome Design for a Nigerian School 
Sakuma Yuna  WWS 2011 Joseph Amon  The Doctor Will See You Now: Examining Chinese Healthcare through Hospital Admissions in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province from 2000-2004 
Schelegle Sierra   EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala  Connections in a Fragmented Landscape: Azuero Spider Monkey Corridors in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama
Sherman Erin   PSY  2011 Andrew Conway  The Conservative Conservationist? Regulatory Focus, Framing, and Ideology in Climate Change Communication 
Solis-Roman Claudia  WWS 2011 Adel Mahmoud  Challenges of Universal Access to AIDS Treatment in Brazil
Soloff Kyle  ECO 2011 Smita Brunnermeier  The Effect of Fuel Prices on the Average Fuel Economy of Automobiles Sold
Sopher Peter  ECO 2011 Smita Brunnermeier  Modern Renewable Energy Technology: Reducing Carbon-Based Energy Usage in the United States
Stern Eric  WWS 2011 David Kinsey   In Pursuit of a Just City: Democratizing the Land Use Review Process in the City of New York
Wade Kathleen  WWS 2011 MV Ramana  India Shining?  An Assessment of the National Solar Mission
Waters Megan  POL 2011 Paul Frymer The Intercounty Connector: A Response to Public Concerns 
Weisman Benjamin  WWS 2011 Miguel Centeno  Guerrillas in the Midst of State Building: Rebel Organization, International Intervention, and Post-Conflict state Capacity in Africa
Whatley Lauren  POL 2011 Helen Milner  The Politics of Biodiversity Protection in Thailand 
Wheeler Lydia  EEB 2011 Andrew Dobson  The Role of Organic Soil Amendments and Insect Parasites in Eastern Kenya: Traditional Kenyan Phytochemicals and Entomopathogenic Nematodes as Biological Control Agents of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes on Tomato and Maize Crops 
Willner Marjorie  CBE 2011 Satish Myneni  Organochlorine Speciation in Lake Sediments 
Willsie Tucker  WWS 2011  Michael Oppenheimer  Rethinking the Innovation Policy Debate: An Analytic Framework
Wright Melecia  MOL 2011 Paul Schedl Transcriptional Quiescence in Drosophila Pole Cells: Functional Analysis of Germ Cell-Less Protein 
Zakarin Spencer  HIS  2011 Max Weiss  Egyptian Power Politics: Nationalism, Nasserism, and the Road to the Suez War
Zhao Jane  ECO 2011 Mark Watson  The Orphan Drug Act of 1983: An Analysis of Its Impact on Pharmaceutical Innovation